GoPro Hero7 Review: The best GoPro in 2018?

GoPro deals

Want to buy the best action camera to capture your adventures? Why not make your experience better
by choosing an assorted collection of GoPro action cameras deals. A newly launched GoPro Hero7 is a pocketable, rechargeable waterproof 4K camera with comprehensive GoPro bundle pack with leading class electronic image stabilization.

GoPro Hero7 – Design control and features

GoPro Hero7 is newly released in attractive prices and models like GoPro Hero7 Black, GoPro Hero7 White, GoPro Hero7 Black. With Hero7 you may get accentuated experience, you may never feel before. Get a free kit of GoPro bundle pack with every purchase of GoPro. Its camera is superfine and captures immersive footage with chesty and shorty bundle pack.

Prices are cheaper GoPro Hero 7, you may buy it for $399 with a free 64 GB micro SD card significantly lesser than Hero6 Black. You can set up or limit your recordings up to 15 to 30 seconds as you desire. Go Pro7 is tweaked with outstanding features of 12 MP camera resolution, GPS enabled with voice control functionality.

Set of Accessories

As it is available with a mammoth display of accessories like rechargeable batteries, camera housing, mounts, battery chargers, and many more added functionality. Even it promulgate you a whole
set of vital accessories let you aid shoot more comfortably during biking, water sports, trekking and many more. It enhances your shopping experience with the availability of feasible payment options and easy return policy.


  • Hyper smooth stabilization
  • Electronic Image stabilization
  • Maximize video resolution up to 4K/60 FPS
  • Features of voice control
  • Waterproofing
  • Features of removable battery

Special functionality like Quick Stories, GPS, Livestreaming, hyper smooth, time warp.

  • Slow motion speed up to 8X.
  • GP1 processor
  • Still photos up to 12 megapixel HDR

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Should you buy the Nikon D3300 Bundle in 2018?

Nikon D3300 bundle review

Life is full of many precious moments that we all wish to relive, but because it is impossible to turn back the hand of time, cameras facilitate the remembrance of such elated moments. Cameras allow us to preserve those beautiful memories be it in a photo or video form. Whether at a party, vacation or on a trip, you can now carry your camera with you and capture every moment. If you are looking for a unique camera with enhanced features and will take lifelike snapshots, the Nikon D3300 bundle makes the best choice. It is a camera like no other and you can be assured of high-quality 24.2megapixels photos.

It has an 18-55mm VR II lens and an autofocus feature which allows the lens to adjust automatically. Its video capture resolution is FHD 1080p that aids you to record HD videos and its sound is crisp and best too. The Nikon D3300 has 11 AF points which provide you with 3D tracking while taking your photos. It has the capability of continuously shooting 5 frames per second which ensure that you do not miss that critical picture perfect moment. The panorama feature assists you in taking high-resolution images and where light is limited, the high ISO number increases sensitivity for quality photos.

After taking photos and videos with friends or family members, you will want to share them. The Nikon D3300 comes with wireless technology which allows you to connect with smartphones, tablets or laptops making it simple and easy to share the photos and videos.

Nikon D3300 lenses

You can also edit the photos to your desired preference using the menu feature. If you want a camera that takes quality photos and with automatic features that aid you in realizing this, then the Nikon D3300 is the camera to go for. This specific camera will make sure you do not miss a moment when creating those beautiful memories with the best Nikon D3300 lenses.

Is Buying The Nikon D3400 Bundle Worth It?

For professional photographers seeking a lightweight addition to their portfolio of devices or very keen amateurs looking to dip their toe into the high-end camera market, the Nikon D3400 camera is a model that offers excellent features, at a very competitive price. The D3400 has been designed with ease of use for operators in mind at every stage, with its compact size allowing portability of the product wherever you wish to take it.

And the Nikon D3400 lens system ensures that you always have the flexibility to capture all shots with appropriate clarity. Reviewers have compared the Nikon D3400 very favorably with other budget-priced camera models. The clarity of shots that can be achieved by using the D3400 is better than top-end smartphone devices, but the D3400 offers integrated technology that makes the sharing of images on social media sites easy.

Nikon D3400 Bundle Offers


To maximize price savings when purchasing the Nikon D3400 bundle with lenses, offers are listed on a number of major online retailer’s website. A Nikon D3400 bundle generally consists of additional lens varieties, color filter kits, UV filters, telephoto and wide angle lenses, wallets, readers, memory cards, lens pens, dust blowers, a tripod, and a cleaning kit.

All of which can be picked up for a little over $700. With the Nikon D3400 retailing on its own at circa $400 it is reasonable to suggest that a saving will be made on the purchase price of the items received. However, it must be considered whether a D3400 bundle owner will get a massive amount of use out of some of these additional products.

Value Nikon D3400 Bundles

I would, therefore, suggest that for camera buyers who are embarking on a new pastime, and have not built up an inventory of the camera related paraphernalia that is required to adequately produce quality prints under all conditions, then the additional products available within the Nikon D3400 bundle will be beneficial to purchase and cheaper than purchasing all of the listed items separately.

However, I would suggest that experienced photographers are likely to find some items of equipment will merely duplicate pieces that they already own if they decide to purchase a Nikon D3400 bundle, which will minimize the cost savings available.

The Canon EOS Rebel T6i vs two of its best competitors

Canon has been one of the competitive world leaders in camera technology. Since its release in 2015, the T6i has been regarded by many as one of their top products, still relevant for professionals and amateurs alike. Here is a look at two alternatives to the Canon T6i to see if they can rise to the challenge.

Nikon D5500

Nikon D5500 vs Canon T6i

Head to head with Canon on the camera market is Nikon. The D5500 model is slightly smaller than the Canon T6i and weighs 135 grams less than the Canon’s 555 grams. It has 39 focus points and boasts a 3,2-inch screen, which is .2 inches larger than the T6i’s. Its 1.037k dots LCD resolution is slightly lower than the Canon’s 1.040k. Its standard ISO 100 – 25600 compared to the Canon T6i’s ISO 100 – 12800 is difficult to compare as the Canon’s can be expanded to 25600 as well. It matches the Canon’s 5.0 fps shooting. More wieldy and lightweight, it has some advantages over the Canon T6i, but in certain aspects, the two are very closely matched, with the Canon taking the lead in many relevant aspects.

Pentax K-S2

Pentax KS-2 vs Canon T6i

Another market competitor is Pentax. The K-S2 is larger than the Canon T6i weighs in at 678 grams. With only 11 focus points compared to the T6i’s 19, it makes up for it by having a weather-proof body, making it well-suited to outside and adventure-type use. Like the Canon T6i, it also has a 3 inch fully articulated screen but a lower LCD resolution at 921k dots. It has the highest ISO out of the three at 100 – 51200. Its higher 5.4 fps shooting is an advantage. With regards to handling, it is more durable than the Canon T6i but falls short in some areas.

Though all three are closely matched, the Canon T6i incorporates a good balance of the right statistics which makes it an excellent all-rounder camera.

Canon T6i vs Canon T6

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The Best Lens For Canon 70D With Inexpensive Alternative

It can an extremely challenging task to choose a camera lens for your Canon 70D given that there are a plethora of such products available on the market at present. However, considering all the features as well as the opinions of the experts, it appears that the Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Standard Zoom Lens is the best Canon 70D lens in 2018. Below we have tried to justify this assertion that we have made right now.

Why is Canon EF-S 18-200mm the Best?

Nikon 18-200mm

This particular lens happens to be an all in one lens that was manufactured to compete with the immensely popular Nikon 18-200mm. It is extremely versatile offering a remarkable optical performance that makes it stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, it has drawn the praise of lots of experienced photographers as well as critics ever since its introduction on the market. It can boast of a superior autofocus feature as compared to the other lenses which make it probably the best Canon 70d lens out there. In fact, the Canon EF-S 18-200mm is yet to produce a serious competitor till now. The only drawback of this astounding lens is its expensive price tag which stands at a whopping $699.

However, below, we have mentioned a budget-friendly alternative to the Canon EF-S 18-200mm.

Oshiro 35mm: A Budget-Friendly Alternative to Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

Oshiro 35mm

Priced at just $169.99, the Oshiro 35mm works with both the Canon EOS 70d as well as its APS-C format. It is a manual lens offering total control plus precise focal-length measurements. Apart from this, the lens likewise provides superior sharpness by means of the low dispersion glass that comes along with it. Another noteworthy feature of the Oshiro 35mm is the minimized chromatic aberration which helps to reduce fringing around the photograph’s edges. Moreover, the product can boast of a 100% metallic body as well as mount and will also not disappoint you when it comes to action shots, not to mention portraits. In a nutshell, the Oshiro 35mm is the best affordable option for any photographer to have for his Canon 70d camera.

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Canon 80D Review and Prices

Canon 80D is a single lens camera introduced by canon and is the devotee of DSLR. It the successor of Canon 70D. Canon is the multinational company famous in introducing different kinds of cameras, photocopier, computer printers and another such kind of equipment. It is also famous for introducing medical apparatus.

Canon 80D

This is design for the photographer who wants to capture the moment as their eye can see. A seeker who wants to buy the bust camera must see this feature and compare it with other ones surely find this as an excellent. Canon 80D supports 45 point AF system with all cross type point which is 2 times greater than 70D. The sensor resolution is 24 megapixels.

While in 70D, the sensor resolution is 20 megapixels. With the 80D, the more focus is on the resolution and to resolve the problem of focusing. It has a feature of autofocusing. The video capturing tool is also very high that is 1080/60p. The RGB and metering sensor in this series is also excellent that is 7560 pixel RGB and IR metering sensor.

To avoid from the effect of dust feature and moisture, its exterior is sealed with polycarbonate and its chassis is made from magnesium alloy. The one new feature introduce is to introduce the blurred effects due to shutter shock. It has a new mirror vibration control system. Its major control is accessible via physical control point and also express near the screen. It is no secret to share that many canon photographers feel cramped as compare to another infield of dynamic range as sony users. But fortunately, Canon 80D has covered this aspect also. But this feature cannot allow for continuous capture during vides.

In canon 80D, the full continuous focusing video is an excellent feature. Although it doesn’t provide 4k but 1080p is available. There is a socket to support headphones feature. In today trend, It also provides a reliable market price as $1000. However, there are some important issues that must keep in mind. But if you want the best camera with reliable price than this camera is for you.

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Should you buy the Canon 80D refurbished

Canon 80 D is a powerful camera in the market in these modern days. When a camera is refurbished, it implies that it damaged on the time of conveyance to the store. When the buyer realizes this, the camera is reverted to the owner. Here the camera is carefully examined and repaired where needed. Delivering the camera to the store again after the repair is what is called refurbishment. When items are refurbished, they appear to be new.

It is better to buy a refurbished Canon 80D as compared to a new one due to its reduced price in the market. The camera is not old and used, but it had a just minor problem at the time of delivery to the store, making them look to be new.

What are the merits and demerits of using refurbished items?

Primarily furbished cameras are sold at a discount to clients as compared to those who are new in the market. It encourages the buyer to do saving while having a camera which is free from wear and is original.

On the side of limitation, newer and popular products have discounts than the older items. Therefore, the refurbished camera may have a problem which manifests itself as you continue to use it. During packing some things may not be included in the listed description.

To manage the manifestation problem when buying refurbished Canon 80D, ensure you have read the listed description to confirm the accessories included that accompany it.

Buying a camera from an authorized dealer should be a significant consideration. Never buy from it from sellers who are not permitted. You are assured that the manufacturer repaired it, and there is a reasonable warranty period for you. Such authorized sellers of Canon 80D are listed on their product page.

In conclusion, It is clear that refurbished cameras are new cameras sold at reasonable prices because they were repaired. Be careful when buying Canon 80D camera, ensure to buy it from approved dealers.

Sony A6000 review and buying guide

The Sony Alpha A6000 is the latest craze amazing photographers this year. The drawback to potential consumers is that if demand for this camera rises, the price, which is quite pricey maybe even higher thus making it difficult to get purchase. The most crucial question is whether to purchase it new or refurbished. A new one offers you the ideal working conditions, and it as well comes with few extra accessories, it can handle all your photography requirements. Though, it`s price tag is what makes it unreachable for many admirers.

Sony A6000 refurbished item

The choice of purchasing the A6000 refurbished can be ideal if you do your research thoroughly. To begin with, try buying from an experienced photographer. It is better still if you know someone thus excluding the chances of being conned. Some refurbished products are decent after they undergo every testing, inspection as well as repair procedure before being

If you do not have a person you can trust to purchase from, you can buy from an official store or online platform. You can be sure to get a return policy, and there are very few chances of the product being a sham. Distributors with an excellent reputation cannot risk spoiling their name; thus they sell genuine products. Refurbished models go through numerous checks, not like new ones which are examined only once.

A refurbished camera in perfect working condition is good because you save 15% or more. Because most cameras are bought with a warranty, it is advisable to purchase one within the year since the warranty is still valid.

Even though a refurbished Sony A6000 might come with scratches as well as weak springs and or buttons, they are merely signs it was utilized before. If you find a genuine refurbished one, it is a better option than a new one.

Purchasing a refurbished camera is an ideal decision if you like photography. It is an excellent option if an experienced photographer has utilized it. Learn more at