GoPro Hero7 Review: The best GoPro in 2018?

GoPro deals

Want to buy the best action camera to capture your adventures? Why not make your experience better
by choosing an assorted collection of GoPro action cameras deals. A newly launched GoPro Hero7 is a pocketable, rechargeable waterproof 4K camera with comprehensive GoPro bundle pack with leading class electronic image stabilization.

GoPro Hero7 – Design control and features

GoPro Hero7 is newly released in attractive prices and models like GoPro Hero7 Black, GoPro Hero7 White, GoPro Hero7 Black. With Hero7 you may get accentuated experience, you may never feel before. Get a free kit of GoPro bundle pack with every purchase of GoPro. Its camera is superfine and captures immersive footage with chesty and shorty bundle pack.

Prices are cheaper GoPro Hero 7, you may buy it for $399 with a free 64 GB micro SD card significantly lesser than Hero6 Black. You can set up or limit your recordings up to 15 to 30 seconds as you desire. Go Pro7 is tweaked with outstanding features of 12 MP camera resolution, GPS enabled with voice control functionality.

Set of Accessories

As it is available with a mammoth display of accessories like rechargeable batteries, camera housing, mounts, battery chargers, and many more added functionality. Even it promulgate you a whole
set of vital accessories let you aid shoot more comfortably during biking, water sports, trekking and many more. It enhances your shopping experience with the availability of feasible payment options and easy return policy.


  • Hyper smooth stabilization
  • Electronic Image stabilization
  • Maximize video resolution up to 4K/60 FPS
  • Features of voice control
  • Waterproofing
  • Features of removable battery

Special functionality like Quick Stories, GPS, Livestreaming, hyper smooth, time warp.

  • Slow motion speed up to 8X.
  • GP1 processor
  • Still photos up to 12 megapixel HDR

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