Is Buying The Nikon D3400 Bundle Worth It?

For professional photographers seeking a lightweight addition to their portfolio of devices or very keen amateurs looking to dip their toe into the high-end camera market, the Nikon D3400 camera is a model that offers excellent features, at a very competitive price. The D3400 has been designed with ease of use for operators in mind at every stage, with its compact size allowing portability of the product wherever you wish to take it.

And the Nikon D3400 lens system ensures that you always have the flexibility to capture all shots with appropriate clarity. Reviewers have compared the Nikon D3400 very favorably with other budget-priced camera models. The clarity of shots that can be achieved by using the D3400 is better than top-end smartphone devices, but the D3400 offers integrated technology that makes the sharing of images on social media sites easy.

Nikon D3400 Bundle Offers


To maximize price savings when purchasing the Nikon D3400 bundle with lenses, offers are listed on a number of major online retailer’s website. A Nikon D3400 bundle generally consists of additional lens varieties, color filter kits, UV filters, telephoto and wide angle lenses, wallets, readers, memory cards, lens pens, dust blowers, a tripod, and a cleaning kit.

All of which can be picked up for a little over $700. With the Nikon D3400 retailing on its own at circa $400 it is reasonable to suggest that a saving will be made on the purchase price of the items received. However, it must be considered whether a D3400 bundle owner will get a massive amount of use out of some of these additional products.

Value Nikon D3400 Bundles

I would, therefore, suggest that for camera buyers who are embarking on a new pastime, and have not built up an inventory of the camera related paraphernalia that is required to adequately produce quality prints under all conditions, then the additional products available within the Nikon D3400 bundle will be beneficial to purchase and cheaper than purchasing all of the listed items separately.

However, I would suggest that experienced photographers are likely to find some items of equipment will merely duplicate pieces that they already own if they decide to purchase a Nikon D3400 bundle, which will minimize the cost savings available.