The Canon EOS Rebel T6i vs two of its best competitors

Canon has been one of the competitive world leaders in camera technology. Since its release in 2015, the T6i has been regarded by many as one of their top products, still relevant for professionals and amateurs alike. Here is a look at two alternatives to the Canon T6i to see if they can rise to the challenge.

Nikon D5500

Nikon D5500 vs Canon T6i

Head to head with Canon on the camera market is Nikon. The D5500 model is slightly smaller than the Canon T6i and weighs 135 grams less than the Canon’s 555 grams. It has 39 focus points and boasts a 3,2-inch screen, which is .2 inches larger than the T6i’s. Its 1.037k dots LCD resolution is slightly lower than the Canon’s 1.040k. Its standard ISO 100 – 25600 compared to the Canon T6i’s ISO 100 – 12800 is difficult to compare as the Canon’s can be expanded to 25600 as well. It matches the Canon’s 5.0 fps shooting. More wieldy and lightweight, it has some advantages over the Canon T6i, but in certain aspects, the two are very closely matched, with the Canon taking the lead in many relevant aspects.

Pentax K-S2

Pentax KS-2 vs Canon T6i

Another market competitor is Pentax. The K-S2 is larger than the Canon T6i weighs in at 678 grams. With only 11 focus points compared to the T6i’s 19, it makes up for it by having a weather-proof body, making it well-suited to outside and adventure-type use. Like the Canon T6i, it also has a 3 inch fully articulated screen but a lower LCD resolution at 921k dots. It has the highest ISO out of the three at 100 – 51200. Its higher 5.4 fps shooting is an advantage. With regards to handling, it is more durable than the Canon T6i but falls short in some areas.

Though all three are closely matched, the Canon T6i incorporates a good balance of the right statistics which makes it an excellent all-rounder camera.

Canon T6i vs Canon T6

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